Skills DevelopmentMiller&McCoy are absolutely passionate about training and the industry itself. It’s time to bring back the magic, to re-invigorate, to be brave, inspiring, enlightened, motivating and passionate about what we do, the people we do it with and the people we do it for. Whatever your needs and however you choose to engage with us, we will ensure it results in change!


We have a strategic partner that specialises in consulting on business strategies. We are happy to work with you to compile your marketing strategy as well as your communication strategy, once you have defined your business strategy.

“Isn’t having an impact in the world – by helping your clients and positively influencing others – what business is ultimately about?”

Robin Sharma

Skills development

The tool box

  • Joint workshops
    • Specific course modules
      • Skills certification (M&M stamp of approval)


      The power of one

      • Collaboration & empowerment
        • Compile and implement communication strategies
          • Review client processes and relationship reviews, agency processes & inductions

          The benefit of skills development

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          • Return on investment
          • Improved staff retention
          • Increased loyalty and improved productivity
          • Attract better talent
          • Having staff that have the “M&M stamp of approval” – ensures a min level of practical skills
          • Client relationships (implementable relationship reviews) = True partnerships
          • Positive relationship reviews and action points that are addressed
          • KPIs and better remuneration
          • In demand/sought after
          • Career growth
          • Mentorship
          • Positive relationship reviews and action points that are addressed

          The benefit of consulting

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          • A long term strategy that defines and determines direction
          • A short term plan (implementation) that ensures delivery against the strategy
          • Measurables that track delivery against objectives
          • Clear understanding of roles of agency and partners
          • Clear understanding of expectations and deliverables
          • Confident, passionate and enlightened
          • Understanding and joint accountability
          • Career growth and increased opportunity